In production: Kēia 'Āina Nei (This Land) is an hour-long public television documentary that explores the Hawaiian concept of Ďa-ina - or land - and how deep connections with the land can impact one's life. The film also explores how land decisions are made, and how communities can come together to decide their own future.

Photos: The Found Series - Using garbage washed up on the beach, Elizabeth turns waste into beautiful photographic sculptural pieces of art that explore the intersection between humans and the coastal environment, and the way each is altered by the other.

Hire On The Water Front For All Your Production Needs No video project is too small -- we make them all, from one minute promotional trailers to 60 minute television documentaries. We also do archival footage and photo research, as well as music clearance. Clients include Stanford University, the California State Water Quality Control Board, and PBS Hawaii. Email us about your project!

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