La Maestra from Ananda Media on Vimeo.

La Maestra (The Teacher) is an award-winning documentary that profiles Mayra Aguilar, a young teacher in a tiny fishing village in Baja, Mexico, who decides to follow her own path by becoming the first Mexican woman in her area to surf, and in doing so, changes her community’s expectations of what’s appropriate for women. Mayra also talks about the challenges facing her community, and the gift of nature that has drawn thousands of tourists over the years, forever changing her hometown. In this regard, the film is also a subtle commentary on the impact outsiders have on small communities and the need for all of us to be more mindful visitors.

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La Maestra comes to Santa Barbara! Our film joins the Santa Barbara premiere of “Women & The Waves II” along with Big Wednesday’s creator Denny Aaberg’s short film “Cactus Wagon.” Denny’s band will also start off the evening.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 6 PM, New Vic Theater, Santa Barbara

Tickets should be purchased in advance due to limited seating. Tickets on sale now at